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General Surgery Residency

Dr. Eric Lazar

Message from the Program Director

Thank you for your interest in the General Surgery Residency Program at Morristown Memorial Medical Center. As a graduate of the program (1994), I am proud of what Morristown has to offer the aspiring surgeon. We are a nationally recognized center of excellence, with modern, state-of-the-art facilities offering robotic, laparoscopic, and open surgical options for all patients. The hospital is a tertiary referral center for most of northwestern New Jersey. Our dedicated cancer center, level one trauma center, open heart surgery program, and children's hospital ensure that residents learn from a steady stream of interesting and challenging patients. We are also a primary care hospital, with an abundance of surgical patients arising from the surrounding community and a busy Emergency Department.

Our surgical training program features early operative experience and a structured curriculum. Most of your time is spent at our main hospital, where our dedicated teaching staff ensure that you receive individualized attention. Our approach to patient care is team oriented, and you will train with the support of cohesive, highly skilled residents, nurses,and support staff. At completion of your training, you will be a team leader, having acquired the operative and leadership skills at the core of general surgery.

The immersive nature of surgical residency can be stressful, and we recognize the risks that stress and burnout pose to surgeons in training. At Morristown, we have tried to identify and reduce the rootcauses of stress. We pay attention to work/life balance and foster a supportive work environment. We have incorporated resources to better recognize and cope with stress into our curriculum.

Morristown has a long history of training excellent surgeons. Many graduates are successful general surgeons, and many others are equally successful in acquiring competitive fellowship positions. Some have returned to Morristown and are valuable members of the teaching staff. All are part of a family that share a common bond: superlative training during surgical residency at Morristown.

We are grateful you have chosen to learn more about Morristown and look forward to learning more about you.

All the best,

Kevin James, MD FACS
Surgical Residency Program Director
Morristown Medical Center Clinical
Assistant Professor of Surgery,
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University