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CyberKnife® stereotactic radiosurgery treatment is a noninvasive method of destroying tumors with high-dose, highly-accurate radiation, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Those who may be candidates for this revolutionary technology can put their trust in Overlook Medical Center’s CyberKnife Center, part of Atlantic Health System Cancer Care. We were the first hospital in the Northeastern United States to offer CyberKnife and have more than 12 years of experience treating patients with it. In fact, we’ve used stereotactic radiosurgery to treat more 2,000 patients with various types of tumors, including the most brain cancer patients of any other medical center in the Tri-State area.

Benefits of CyberKnife Treatment

  • Provides access to difficult-to-reach tumors that would have been impossible to treat in the past
  • Reduces treatment time from more than 40 visits to just five or less
  • Requires no incision, so there is no blood loss or pain and virtually no recovery time
  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies

In addition, Overlook Medical Center uses the latest model of the technology, which allows our team to successfully treat even larger tumors than previously and eliminates the need for invasive or uncomfortable methods to minimize patient movement during the procedure.

Learn more about how CyberKnife works >

Cancers Treated by CyberKnife

CyberKnife radiosurgery can be used to treat a variety of malignant and benign cancers, such as:

  • Brain tumors, including:Intracranial and extracranial tumors and lesions
  • Schwannomas
  • Meningiomas
  • Pituitary adenomas
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Liver or hepatic cancer
  • Spine cancer and spinal cord tumors

At Atlantic Neuroscience Institute at Overlook Medical Center, we also use CyberKnife treatment for neurological conditions, like acoustic neuromas, arteriovenous malformations and trigeminal neuralgia.

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CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery for Inoperable Brain Tumors

Our CyberKnife Medical Team

Our multi-disciplinary team includes neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, a radiation oncologist, thoracic (thorax) surgeons, urologists and hepatic (liver) physicians. Together, they’ll carefully review each patient’s condition to determine if CyberKnife is an appropriate treatment option.

We also offer nutritional counseling services and has nurse navigators, who provide education, support and guidance to cancer patients throughout all stages of their treatment at some of our locations.


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I couldn't be better, if I wrote the rules. Cancer hasn't slowed me down.

Deane Driscoll, Overlook Medical Center CyberKnife Center patient