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Twins, Triplets or More

Having a new baby is bound to change your life, and having two or more at the same time can be overwhelming. That’s why Atlantic Health System’s Parent Education Department offers a class called Great Expectations: Prepared Childbirth and Infant Care for Parents Expecting Twins, Triplets or More.  Those who attend will learn how to care for more than one baby at a time and receive education concerning the last few days of pregnancy, signs and symptoms of pre-term labor, and vaginal and cesarean deliveries. A tour of our maternity center and practical advice from moms of  the Twins n’ Triplets Mothers Club of Morris County is included.

Additional support can be found through the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club >

For More Information

Consult with our neonatal medical staff at 973-971-5488 to discuss the treatment of your baby in the NICU. Or contact Maternal-Fetal Medicine to discuss coordinated pre- and postnatal care.