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Trauma Response

Traumatic events can take a tremendous toll on your employees and can have a devastating impact on your business. Responding to such crises in a professional and timely manner is critical to preventing loss of employee morale and motivation in the workplace. CONCERN Behavioral and Management Solutions can provide your organization with the necessary resources to support your staff during traumatic events and ensure their safe return to work.

Our trained response team can assist you during difficult times, such as:

  • Emergencies and natural disasters, such as floods, fires and weather events
  • Violence at work
  • Death of an employee
  • National and international events
  • Workplace accidents and injuries

We can review your crisis plan with you or help you create an appropriate trauma response policy if one is not already available.

Atlantic Corporate Health

Atlantic Corporate Health tailors employee health programs that lower the costs of health care for businesses and consumers by encouraging proactive wellness programs and offering cost-effective, convenient, and quality care.