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A few weeks prior to the scheduled physical, a registered nurse will obtain the patient's medical history and complete lab tests. This can be done in the executive's office or home (New Jersey locations only), or at our site in Morristown, NJ.

Executive health pre-examination shower room

Based on the patient's health profile, our coordinating physician will analyze the information to determine the necessary tests and assemble the appropriate group of specialists. A well-coordinated day of testing and specialist visits will be pre-arranged for the best use of time.


On the day of an appointment, patients visit our private, well-appointed facility and a personal guide will usher them through the process. A board-certified internal medicine physician will coordinate care. Appointments include:

  • A consult with a team of health care specialists chosen to address the patient's specific health needs
  • Tests and preventive screenings based on lab work, age markers, medical history, family history and genetic findings, where applicable
  • A review of results with our coordinating physician and discuss recommendations for nutrition, exercise, stress management and follow-up, all based on lifestyle and risk factors

The day will conclude with a meeting between the patient and coordinating physician, who will review test results and recommendations from all of the medical subspecialists who evaluated the patient; concerns and wellness strategies will be provided. Following the review, a car service will take the patient home.

Executive health patient watching tv


About a week after the full-day examination, patients will be mailed a binder that includes a detailed report of their visit with results and recommendations clearly outlined. Upon request, this information can be sent directly to the patients' personal physicians or can be provided electronically via an encrypted thumb drive.

As a business owner, my schedule can easily overtake even my best intentions to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Taking one day out to get a clear picture of my health was the perfect fit for me. I have already made great strides towards my wellness goals driven by the specialist’s recommendations, and I am on a charted path to keep it that way. The thoroughness of this physical was very impressive, it was seamlessly executed, and I would recommend it highly to anyone.

Dirk J. van der Sterre, CEO of van der Sterre Properties and Executive Health patient

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