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Hear from patients of Atlantic Health System's Executive Health Program and see why our concierge medicine services may be right for your organization.

“Wellness is a key initiative at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. We joined the Executive Health Program as part of Wyndham Worldwide and found such great value in making our executives’ health a priority that WH&R continued with it. The program is customized to each individual and the comprehensive exams are invaluable.

Every person you meet with or encounter is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I personally had an urgent dermatology need and Atlantic Health System was there for me every step of the way with extreme efficiency. Having that quality care proved priceless.

The exceptionally comprehensive, one-day exam has not only made our executives healthier, but also affords them the time to be more productive. As the head of human resources, I believe that people are the foundation of a great organization and Atlantic Health System’s Executive Health Program is simply a smart business decision.”

– Mary Falvey, Former Chief Administrative Officer, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

"I was never a big 'run to the doctor person' and other than during my pregnancies, I would need to be on death’s door to make an appointment to see a physician. As luck would have it, I relocated to New Jersey to join the Crum & Forster Team and was invited to participate in the Executive Health Program at Atlantic Health System, where I experienced the benefits of a thorough evaluation first hand.

"I knew it would be good for me to get some baselines on my health status and I needed to establish new relationships with local providers, so the timing was right. I was also aware of the concept of executive health physicals, so I knew that they consisted of a battery of tests. What I didn’t know until I went through the program, was just how extensive the experience was going to be and it was so much more than I expected. The exposure to the specialists and the convenience of getting it all done in one day is what makes this program so valuable to me. It was nice to prioritize me for a change!"

– Nicole Bennett Smith, Crum & Forster, Chief of Staff & Senior Vice President

"My wife and I have been participating in Atlantic Health System’s Executive Health Program since its inception. The process is easy from start to finish. All needs and concerns are dealt with expediently and expertly. The one-day element is particularly convenient and all of the doctors come to where you are. The quality of the care and analysis could not be better.

Over the years, we have uncovered a number of developing conditions, which were easily treated before any problems arose. Preventative medicine is the best way to approach your health. The Executive Health Program physical is a superlative example of this state-of-the-industry standard of care.

I strongly urge you to at least talk to the professionals at Atlantic Health System. Nothing is more important than your health – just ask your loved ones!"

– J. Peter Simon, Managing Partner, Simon Quick Advisors

"At Wyndham Worldwide we value our team and invest in training and continuing education. Why not invest also in the health of our leadership team? For the last 10 plus years, we have engaged Atlantic Health System to provide nursing service at our office site location and then in 2015, added the Executive Health Program services to our wellness initiative.

From the thorough nursing intake visit through the comprehensive examinations and the caring and genuine follow up, the team engaged in the Executive Health Program are first class professionals. Some of the doctors have become part of my regular regime. In addition to our leadership team, I personally engaged the Executive Health Program for family and friends. Good health from caring professionals is invaluable and provides a great peace of mind.

One of the great benefits of the program is the opportunity to have vetted referrals for any issues you or your family encounter. I strongly recommend this team for your comprehensive health needs."

– Stephen P. Holmes, Chairman, Wyndham Destinations, Wyndham Hotels & Resort

“Staying healthy is critical for today’s executive and Atlantic Health System’s Executive Health Program has made it easy to do just that.  Each staff member and physician are not only knowledgeable and friendly, but truly attentive to my individual needs, providing customized recommendations for wellness. 

To be able to share my positive experience is my way of playing it forward for anyone considering it for themselves.  The seamless execution of the Executive Health annual exams and wellness plans outlined has enabled me to effectively maximize my personal health.  I highly recommend the program.”

– Anthony R. Slimowicz | EVP & COO MGA and Specialty Risk | Amynta Group

“This is Vonage’s and my third year in the Atlantic Health Executive Health Program (EHP). As a company, we offer this program to all of our top executives because it is a benefit they value in addition to our standard health care coverage, and the value the EHP exam creates for Vonage.

Because of EHP, our executives are healthier and more productive, as it saves them significant time and hassle to be able to accomplish so much in one day at EHP.  Moreover, there are several important tests that one has within the EHP exam that they normally might not undergo because they do not know to ask for them or do not have the time to see multiple doctors at multiple locations on their own.

My personal experience with EHP has been great. The aspects I find most valuable are the comprehensive set of tests that I know I would not have the time or wherewithal to do any other way and the ability to have true experts focus on health areas that are specific to my needs and history. I also like the fact that I am provided a comprehensive view of my health and a benchmarking of how my health metrics have trended over time”.

– David Pearson, Former Chief Financial Officer, Vonage

"I was very pleased with the preliminary process in EHP, with all the due diligence and information gathering, clinical and otherwise that was done. I very much felt like it was a customized experience and I was very much impressed by when I went in there for my full-day physical, on the last day of March, it was all about me.

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Dennis Wilson and his physicians tout the benefits of the Executive Health Program

There were no other patients in the space, it was all about Dennis Wilson. Only during the stress test – Cardiologist, Mark Blum, MD standing right alongside me while I was going through the stress test, reading and interpreting the results on the spot, said, “Hey – there’s something that we’re seeing here. It’s probably going to be ok, but it’s a little irregular so we want you to go through additional tests." Fast forward, he prescribed a cardiac cat scan, that further revealed some issues, blockages in my arteries. I went onto a cardiac catheterization, the most comprehensive view we can get to know if we need to go through with surgery. Dr. Blum performed that diagnostic test and told me “You're not going anywhere, you have blockages - we need to do a quintuple bypass surgery and we’re going to get the best to have this done.” That was the cardiac surgeon, John Brown, MD who operated on me the very next day. The Executive Health Program saved my life and I feel incredibly lucky that it did! To be just around great health care period is wonderful, but to have this program at my disposal to be able to tap into in a very expeditious and convenient way is what allows me to have this conversation with you right now. This is about your life. This is about you. Take care of number one here! Go and get this done.  For the peace of mind that everything’s going to be ok and know that forewarned is forearmed. You can deal with whatever they find. Deal with it and you’ll be able to move forward in a healthy way. I am very serious about this. I am very complimentary about the program to anyone that cares to listen."  

– Dennis Wilson, President & CEO, Delta Dental, NJ & CT 

"I have been in the Executive Health Program for the past year and a half and benefited from the preventive testing and guidance of the program. But this past summer, I realized another significant value when I suffered an injury.

I had cut my wrist on a piece of glass while in Connecticut and had to have several stitches to close the wound. Within a short period of time, I was experiencing an “electrical shock” sensation when I moved my hand a certain way. I sent an email to Susan Gizzi, RN, EHP Nursing Coordinator on a Thursday at 9:00 a.m. describing my symptoms. Within a half hour, she responded, advising me that I had an appointment with a hand surgeon at noon the same day. Dr. Michael Baskies examined my hand and determined that I needed surgery. Susan arranged for a pre-op physical for Friday and on Monday, Dr. Michael Baskies operated to repair a cut nerve. Two days later after seeing the doctor again, the nurse brought me to the physical therapy floor to be fitted for a brace and scheduled several weeks of physical therapy.  All of this was done within the confines of the 111 Madison Ave building. I can’t imagine better assistance, service or convenience." 

– Steve Mulready, Dean, Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford  — Former Executive Vice President & COO, Crum & Forster

"At Conti, we offer the Executive Health Program to our leadership team. An added perk like this for key people in our company is not only a nice thing to do, it is smart business. People are the foundation of a company and it cannot work without them being healthy. Making a commitment to invest in the health of our employees just makes sense. It is smart business to have a healthy business."

– Kurt Conti, Chairman, The Conti Group

"The Executive Health Program is a highly-specialized group of professional women and men who take your health into their hands one client at a time. Their personal attention to detail is first rate and I left knowing I was in the best hands possible. This program is so significant to me that my wife will be scheduled next, followed by our son and business successor."

– David A. Isom, President and Technical Director, Analytical Sales & Services, Inc.

"Having attended competitive all-day health exam programs over the past 20 years, nothing has been more comprehensive, easy and enjoyable than Atlantic Health's.

From the administrators to the doctors, one feels like the day has been built uniquely for you and your needs. Most importantly, the follow-up is the best I've ever seen. These folks care. I've never been more motivated or inspired to participate, looking to improve my nutritional and physical metrics with each exam and passing year."

– Geoff Ballotti, President and CEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

"At Crum & Forster we believe that our people are our most important resource - and their health and wellness are a top priority. Creating a healthy work-life balance is difficult for anybody - it can be especially challenging for members of my executive team.

Atlantic Health System's Executive Health Program understands the special demands on my leadership team and how to work with them to deliver a customized program tailored to their needs and busy schedules. We're very lucky to have such an excellent program located right in our own backyard. You can't take care of business and deliver excellent results - whether at work or home - without first taking care of yourself and Atlantic Health System understands that. I'm happy to be working with their team to help members of my team stay healthy and achieve peak performance. "

– Marc Adee, Chairman and CEO, Crum & Forster

"After much analysis I selected Atlantic Health System's Executive Health program, as I felt it was the most comprehensive of all the programs that I researched. On the day of my physical something unexpected was discovered and the team immediately changed my schedule to investigate further. Upon review they confirmed a condition that couldn't be ignored and immediately contacted a relevant specialist.

They coordinated everything and made sure I was seen without delay. The unfortunate outcome was a diagnosis of kidney cancer. However, thanks to the discovery and swift action of the program, I was treated promptly, and a recent six-month checkup has confirmed I am clear of cancer. Throughout this time I did not have any symptoms or pain, and my primary care physician told me that waiting until I had symptoms would have been too late for me. A lesser program would not have picked up my condition, so selecting the Executive Health program was a life-saving decision for which I will always be thankful. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a full evaluation of their health." 

– Bob Wall, Managing Director in Technology at Barclays

"As a busy executive, family man, and community member, I was thrilled to experience the Executive Health Program firsthand as a client. Taking the time out to be an advocate for one's own wellness is something that I value.

"Time is limited and with a busy work, travel and life schedule, a program like this is the perfect solution. The program delivers an extensive customized exam with a quick return of a full health and wellness overview and plan to move forward. Making the commitment to truly invest in your own wellness is all you have to do. The program is impressive in its entirety and the value is in the self-awareness you gain and the positive changes you make because of it. You leave with not only a true footprint of your current health status, but also the tools, as well as the team, to help you achieve the goals laid out for you."

– Robert Toohey, President at Pymetrics - Former CHRO, Board Member, COO

"I consider myself a healthy individual and have been a fan of the concierge-style medicine that we've recently seen developing. I have utilized these types of services before and when I saw that Atlantic Health System had their own program - one with a home court advantage and a more robust offering than competitors - I had to give it a try.

I was very impressed with the thorough nature of the entire experience. When you say the difference lies in the details, it is true. It is the comprehensive physical and streamlined coordination that makes the experience fluid, valuable, and superior. I would highly recommend it anyone!"

– Joseph W. Spada, CFP, Senior Principal, Summit Financial Resources, Inc.

"I consider myself to be in good health and rarely find the time to get to doctors given my busy schedule. After some urging from my wife who researched available programs, I decided to invest in the Executive Health physical at Atlantic Health System.

It was a great decision - the experience was easy, and actually, enjoyable as well. Everyone was professional and helpful. Most importantly, the process uncovered a previously unidentified (thankfully, minor) issue for which I'd never have thought to be tested. All in all, I'd highly recommend the process."

– Gary Fisch, Owner, Gary's Wine and Marketplace

"Atlantic Heath System’s Executive Health Program is a top-notch, state-of-the-art facility that provides exceptional care. The physicians and support staff were knowledgeable and attentive.

The in-depth screening process allows you to be proactive in your health and well-being. The quick results also allow you to manage any issues that arise, and it is all executed in a first-class setting that I was pleased to have experienced."

– Robert Mastroddi, Vice President, Security & Facility Operations, New York Jets

"When my company told me that they were sending me through Atlantic Health’s Executive Health Program, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was happy to be going through a full-scale comprehensive physical, as I have an extensive family history of various health issues.

At the nursing intake visit I was able to share each family member’s health issues as part of the relevant information compiled for my day of physical. It was an impressive component and spoke to the thoroughness of the breadth of the customization. On the day of the physical, a CT of my lungs picked up a lesion that led to an MRI and ultimately, the finding of my renal mass. I have since had the surgery necessary to remove it and consider myself so fortunate to have caught it in an early enough phase to potentially save my life. My family and I are so grateful."

– Tom Murphy, Vice President, Information Technology at New York Jets

"Being in the sports industry where the focus is on health, fitness and wellness, I was pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in this comprehensive program. As we all do, I had my own health concerns I wanted addressed, but it was the results of the genetic testing and nursing intake with family history that prompted the screening that saved my life.

A colonoscopy, which was scheduled earlier than indicated for my age, uncovered malignant polyps that were removed. I was told, had these gone untreated, this cancer would likely have metastasized in six months’ time. The Executive Health Program saved my life. Atlantic Health System takes care of our professional athletes on a daily basis, but this program takes it into the end zone." 

– Rex Ryan, Former Head Coach, New York Jets

"My health is important to me, my family, the businesses I run, and to the people on the various boards that I serve. I am very focused on wellness and have always had annual checkups with my primary care physician.

I chose to participate in the Executive Health Program because of the breadth of services that would be customized for me in the course of one day. I was surprised by the results of my nutritional analysis and, as a result, am still talking to the nutritionist regularly to assess my goals. The Executive Health Program experience exceeded my expectations. I continue to recommend it to others and look forward to participating again.”

– Steve Colson,  Co-Owner of Huston Lumber & Supply Co, Inc., International Swimming Pools Inc., Eastern Engineered Wood Products Inc.

"I have participated in other executive health programs, but they didn’t hold a candle to the quality, depth and customization that was delivered at Atlantic Health System’s Executive Health Program.

If you are truly looking for a comprehensive physical that is designed for your needs specifically, then this is your place. I am sending my family members and co-workers through, so that should speak to just how valuable of a program I believe it is."

– Nelson Ferreira, President/CEO, Ferreira Construction Co., Inc.

"The convenience, coordination, quality of care and service I received were superb. I was impressed by the facility and physicians. Results were delivered quickly along with treatments explained and provided to me. I walked away with a clearer understanding of my current health and a plan to help keep me on a healthier track." 

– Clay Hampton, Director of Football Operations at Houston Texans - Former Senior Director of Football Operations at New York Jets

"An extraordinary experience! Professional, thorough and efficient, all performed in a warm, nurturing and spa-inspired environment... an exceptional medical experience. I would highly recommend this program to everyone I know! 

– Margaret Hariri, Overlook Medical Center Advisory Board Member

"Having been through other executive health programs and having access to premier physicians by way of my employment, I am not easily impressed by good care because I expect it. That said, it was easy to see the extra mile Atlantic Health System went to craft an impressive deliverable.

It is all about the details after all! The concierge-styled day was not only streamlined but extremely through and well-produced. It is a cut above the rest, and although the cost is reflective of that…  when your time is money, it is money well-spent."     

– Matt Higgins, Vice Chair, Miami Dolphins & CEO of RSE Ventures

“I recently went through the Executive Health 'Smart Physical.' The level of knowledge and detail each medical doctor and staff member delivers to their patients is quite impressive.

Even more remarkable is the bedside manner every nurse and doctor has with every patient. I have never met so many people in one organization who share such passion for their work and the people they serve.” 

– Bill Parisi, Founder and CEO, Parisi Franchise Systems, Inc.

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