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Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers at Morristown Medical Center are required to work a minimum of three to four hours a week for at least six months. In addition, potential candidates whose applications are accepted must successfully complete the following requirements. All necessary forms will be provided at the in-person interview. 

Hospital volunteer on the phone
Verification of good health from a physician
– A doctor must fill out a health certificate verifying a volunteer's ability to perform assignments at a hospital.
Tuberculin screening
– Two tuberculin tests, offered free of charge at Morristown Medical Center to all adult volunteer applicants, are required. Tuberculin tests may also be scheduled with a private physician, but must be administered with a week off in between tests in order to be valid. Candidates who have a positive tuberculin test result must provide documentation of a negative chest X-ray.
– A flu vaccination is required for all volunteers. Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) vaccinations are required for all adult volunteers; junior volunteers must provide proof of vaccination on their health form.
Criminal background check
– All adults must complete criminal background check and social security verification forms before they can be assigned to volunteer work. Please note that it may take several weeks to receive authorization from the state.
Purchase volunteer uniform
– All junior volunteers must purchase their uniform.
General orientation
– An online orientation session is mandatory to provide volunteers with information about our organization and their role with us. This may take place at any time during the hiring process and can be completed either at home or at the hospital.
Department-specific training
– Volunteers will receive training, provided by hospital employees or more experienced volunteers, that is specific to the department in which they will be volunteering.

Program Full

Our junior volunteer program is at full capacity and currently closed. As such, we are not accepting any new high school applicants at this time. Please check back seasonally for updates.