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Your Child's Comfort in the Day Hospital

At our Day Hospital, we want children to be as comfortable as possible during their stay. Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their child and are encouraged to bring his or her favorite blanket, toy, stuffed animal, doll, or video/DVD. Familiar objects from home can help ease a child’s anxiety and fear of a hospital stay. Our child life specialists are available daily to provide your child with developmentally appropriate distractions and coping techniques.

Many children require intravenous lines (IV) for their procedures. You may ask your doctor or nurse to apply a numbing cream to your child’s arm before any needle stick to prevent possible pain. It may take up 60 minutes to work effectively, so you must arrive at least an hour before the procedure is scheduled.

One parent or guardian may accompany your child to the procedure room and remain with the child until he or she is asleep. You will then be asked to leave so the procedure can start. During the procedure, you may wait in your child’s room.


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