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Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase overall orthopedic and medical knowledge.
  • Collaborate with a variety of allied healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes.
  • Develop greater societal awareness to communicate effectively with a diverse patient population.
  • Perform tasks efficiently to enhance clinic workflow and patient experience.
  • Conduct self-evaluations and develop individual education plans.
  • Obtain a full-time athletic training position within 6 months of program completion.


Athletic training milestones assessment and pre-program orthopedics exam

Assessments and exams will be used to measure growth and provide feedback for the resident.

Clinical rotations

Physician office - Rotation

  • Past medical and social history
  • History of chief complaint
  • Identify mechanism of injury
  • Patient preparation for relevant imaging or procedures
  • Perform initial physical exam
  • Concussion assessment
  • Complete patient education and discharge

Physical Therapy – Rotation

  • Participate with patient’s therapeutic exercise protocol
  • Assist with concussion sub-symptom exercise program
  • Assist with AMPs program
  • Observe stepdown PT patients

Secondary School Setting - Rotation

  • Weekly game coverage (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Collection of pre-participation physicals
  • Collaborate with school nurse, athletic director, team physician
  • Maintain injury reports, treatment logs, clearance notes, etc. on Healthy Roster EMR system

Sample Rotation Schedule

Achieve proficiency in athletic training resident competencies

  • Patient centered care
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Evidence based practice
  • Quality improvement
  • Health care informatics
  • Professionalism

Surgical observations

The resident will have the opportunity to observe a variety of orthopedic surgical procedures by Atlantic Health physicians.

Optional phlebotomy training

The resident will obtain training in phlebotomy from Atlantic Health Systems, and be able to perform the skills in order to obtain the certification.

Write individualized patient management plans

The resident will write detailed plans of care which are customized to each patients individual needs and circumstances.

Present relevant patient case studies to clinical staff/preceptors

The resident will routinely pick a case which has provided a unique opportunity to learn about an unusual injury or condition.  They will develop a presentation and then present it to clinical staff and preceptors.

Attend Atlantic Sports Health outreach educational programs

  • Sports medicine lecture series
  • Didactics
  • Journal clubs
  • Other BOC approved educational events