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Internal Medicine Advanced Clerkship


Rotation at a Glance


Rafael Pajaro, MD

Rebecca Griffith, MD


Morristown Medical Center


4 weeks


  • July–October or February–June
  • 3 students per rotation; rotation starts on the first Monday of the month


Successful completion of all 3rd year clerkships


The internal medicine sub-internship allows 4th year medical students to act as sub-interns on an active internal medicine service or an intensive care unit, seeing a wide variety of diagnostic and acute care problems within internal medicine and its subspecialties. Emphasis will be placed on history taking, on performing complete and sophisticated physical examinations, and on making rational choices of diagnostic studies and therapies.

Learning Experience

Students will:

  • Be given patients on a rotational basis as part of the hospitalist medical team consisting of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year medical residents
  • Take histories, perform physical examinations, and order laboratory and diagnostic tests, as well as choose therapies, when necessary, under the supervision of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year residents, the chief resident, and the teaching attending physician
  • Attend daily morning report and noon conferences

Goals & Objectives

  • To gain broad exposure to a variety of acute medical conditions
  • To obtain clinical and cognitive abilities required for problem-solving and decision-making in clinical medicine

Feedback & Evaluation

The attending preceptor will provide feedback during and at the end of the rotation, as needed. A final, written evaluation will be completed at the end of the rotation.