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Children and Coronavirus

If your child is experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder, don't delay care.

Don't Delay Getting the Care Your Child Needs for an Eating Disorder

Just like any illness, anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders can have significant medical complications if left untreated, such as low heart rate, low blood pressure, and dehydration. Learn More >

Facing the challenges of COVID-19 while caring for kids with chronic illness

Navigating the Emotional Challenges of COVID-19 While Caring for Kids with Chronic Illness

These are challenging times for children and families. Families that have children living with chronic illness face additional challenges that arise from their children’s medical conditions. Learn More > 

Understand the true qualities of being resilient

Challenging the Myths of Resiliency

During challenging times like these, people often talk about the importance of resilience. However, there are some common misconceptions about what being resilient really means. Understanding the true qualities of being resilient can help families to get through the current pandemic. Learn More >

Yoga and meditation videos for families

Health for Bodies and Minds

Goryeb Children's Hospital and South Street Yoga & Nutrition in Morristown have created yoga and meditation classes for kids and for families. The classes are tailored by age group to promote strength and reduce anxiety. Learn More >

Advice from a mom with experience in long-term infection prevention

Parent-to-Parent: Viewing Infection Prevention as a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Since her daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 2003, Liz has lived most days like there was already a pandemic. Learn More >

Tips for having a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic

Welcoming a New Baby in the Age of Coronavirus

Today, with COVID-19 in the community, parents understandably have questions, concerns and an added layer of frayed nerves. Just remember, we are all in this together and there are experienced, compassionate and capable pediatricians and pediatric nurses to help you get through this time – and help you enjoy it, too. Learn More >

How to talk to your children about COVID-19

How to Talk to Your Children About Coronavirus

Kids’ needs differ by age group. Parents of young children need to explain what is happening in a way that does not frighten them or make them feel more anxious or scared. For older children, the challenge is more complicated because they get the news from their own sources. They need to be reassured and have their questions answered. Learn More >

What Expectant Parents Need to Know About COVID-19

The physicians and team members at Atlantic Health System Maternity Centers are committed to helping expectant parents safely and comfortably welcome their newborns as we face the challenges of COVID-19 in our communities. Learn More >

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