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 Atlantic Health System Cancer Care is the first and only in the Northeast to offer cancer patients RealART Real-Time Treatment Planning. This new, advanced technique – an enhancement to image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) – adjusts radiation dosage throughout a course of treatment to match the changing size of tumors and organs at risk.

RealART Real-Time Treatment Planning for breast cancer and prostate cancer

When using traditional radiation therapy techniques, physicians develop a plan for the patient prior to treatment, outlining the number of sessions and the radiation dosage for each. This plan is carried out for the entire treatment period, usually over several weeks. With RealART Real-Time Treatment Planning, we can re-evaluate the size, shape, and volume of the tumor prior to each treatment session. If the tumor has changed, our oncology specialists will use this information to adjust the patient care plan and determine the most accurate radiation dosage to deliver that specific day. Benefits from this approach include a reduction in side effects and less damage to healthy tissue.

RealART Real-Time Treatment Planning is currently available to certain breast cancer and prostate cancer patients, as well as other patients eligible for IGRT.

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