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Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Support Resources

Atlantic Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Program at Overlook Medical Center helps patients manage neurological movement disorders – conditions in the brain that affect the body’s speed, fluency, quality and ease of mobility.

Signs and symptoms of movement disorders vary and may depend upon the severity of the disease or condition. Some cause excessive, spontaneous movement, while others may reduce mobility or cause abnormal involuntary motion. Movement disorders can be caused by age, certain medications, stroke or hereditary factors, and can be difficult, chronic conditions to manage.

Wellness and Support Program

These programs offer neurodegenerative disease patients and their families educational seminars, healing arts programs, counseling and therapy services. For more about upcoming program dates, please call 908-522-3517.

The Harmonies: A Community Choir for Adults and their Caregivers Living with Parkinson’s Disease, Aphasia

A board-certified music therapist facilitates this cheerful community choir. Each session provides opportunities to work on communication through breathing and singing and movement through rhythm and posture activities.

This free class is open to friends, family and caregivers. Contact us to register for this free program.