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Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which the bone surfaces of a joint are replaced with durable synthetic materials, such as plastic or metal. This reduces bone-on-bone friction, thereby relieving pain and restoring mobility. At Atlantic Orthopedic Institute, we offer nationally-recognized joint replacement procedures using minimally invasive techniques. These result in smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery time and greater range of motion.

In fact, Morristown Medical Center was rated high-performing for hip and knee replacements by U.S. News and named among the top 10 percent in the nation for joint replacement by Healthgrades.

Cutting-Edge Joint Replacement Technology

Our orthopedic surgeons are on the forefront of many advancements, including hip resurfacing, minimal incision surgery, computer-assisted design and surgical navigation, and gender-specific knee technology. Morristown, Overlook and Chilton medical centers use the Mako™ Robot-Arm Assisted Surgery System to help plan and carry out partial knee, total knee and hip replacement surgeries. The system enables our surgeons to make very accurate cuts and precisely position the replacement while preserving healthy tissue.

Experienced in Joint Revision

When some or all of a joint implant needs to be replaced, the procedures are often more complex than the initial replacement. Our experienced surgeons use the latest techniques for knee, hip, shoulder and ankle revisions. Learn more >

Continuity of Care

Our staff coordinates care from initial education and pre-admission testing through post-acute rehabilitation, so that patients can recover as quickly and safely as possible. Most are able to resume an active lifestyle.

Total Joint Replacement Education

We offer courses to our patients that fully explain what to expect from a total joint replacement procedure, including pre-surgical preparation, postoperative care and rehabilitation. 


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Jim N. admires an epic fishing catch after recovering from bilateral knee surgery.

Jim N.'s Story

After spending 40 years of 10-hour days rebuilding transmissions on the concrete floor of his shop, Jim N. began to feel escalating amounts of pain in both his knees. He tried conservative treatments and lived with the achiness for nearly four years before choosing to have both knees replaced during the same surgery. Orthopedic surgeon David Gold, MD, with Chilton Medical Center, used the Mako™ robotic surgical system to help give Jim a quick recovery