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Diagnostic Radiology at Overlook Medical Center

Rotation at a Glance


Overlook Medical Center


Four weeks or two weeks, depending upon preceptor availability:

  • Four-week rotations start on the first Monday of the month
  • Two-week rotations start on the first or third Monday of the month


August through May (no rotations offered in June or July)

Capacity for medical students varies by month, from two to four students




The Diagnostic Radiology rotation provides a basic orientation to Diagnostic Radiology, including nuclear radiology, ultrasound, breast imaging, CT, MRI, and special procedures.

Learning Experience:

Students will:

  • Observe and become familiar with the mechanics and formats of fluoroscopic examinations, interventional procedures, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and CT scanning
  • Conduct film interpretations on a one-on-one basis with staff radiologists in daily reading sessions
  • Participate in daily teaching sessions for students and residents, covering specific areas of interest, moderated by a staff radiologist
  • Utilize the extensive book and audiovisual library of selected radiologic topics and complete teaching files located in the Department of Radiology conference area

Goals & Objectives:

  • To obtain a basic overview of Diagnostic Radiology
  • To become familiar with numerous radiology procedures
  • To gain knowledge in film interpretation
  • To continue education via the extensive book and audio library
  • To learn from one-on-one interaction with radiologists

Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback and evaluation will be done by attending preceptors and residents.  Students will also evaluate their preceptors and residents, and the elective.