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Geriatrics/Palliative Care


Overlook Medical Center, as well as outpatient, nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the area


Four weeks or two weeks, depending upon preceptor availability:

  • Four-week rotations start on the first Monday of the month
  • Two-week rotations start on the first or third Monday of the month



Note: This rotation may be split into two separate electives. Please specify when scheduling.


Successful completion of all third-year core clerkships


The elective introduces 4th year medical students to the geriatric patient and offers exposure to palliative and ethical issues.

Learning Experience:

Students will:

  • See a variety of medical diseases of geriatric patients in the in- and outpatient settings
  • Be exposed to end of life care, hospice, and ethical consultation
  • Become proficient in obtaining a detailed patient history; in performing a thorough physical examination; and interpreting laboratory data to diagnose disease in older patients
  • Learn about common problems affecting older patients, including poly-pharmacy, depression, delirium, dementia, falls, gait disorders, immobility, urinary incontinence, and decubitus ulcers
  • Spend time on consultations, in outpatient clinics and nursing homes, and at home visits

Students are welcome to attend daily house staff conferences and noon report

Goals & Objectives:

  • To introduce geriatrics and palliative care
  • To gain confidence in managing medically complicated patients
  • To learn the appropriate indications for specialized care and referral in geriatrics, including support systems (hospice, nursing homes, social services, etc.)
  • To increase knowledge about end of life care
  • To learn strategies to minimize hospitalization
  • To understand the role of the nursing home director
  • To realize the importance of implementation of living wills and advance directives

Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback and evaluation will be done by attending preceptors and residents. Students will also evaluate their preceptors and residents, and the elective.