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Rotation at a Glance


Medicine subspecialties are taught one-on-one by physicians who practice in the field and are a blend of outpatient and inpatient teaching experiences (depending upon the physician’s patient mix during rotation dates).  Medical students meet their preceptors at their preceptors’ offices (which may be on campus at Overlook Medical Center, or near it, but not necessarily on campus) and may or may not be traveling to Overlook Medical Center to round on patients, or for procedures.


Four weeks or two weeks, depending upon preceptor availability:

  • Four-week rotations start on the first Monday of the month
  • Two-week rotations start on the first or third Monday of the month




Successful completion of all third-year core clerkships


The hematology and oncology elective enables 4th year medical students to recognize, diagnose, and treat a variety of hematologic and oncologic conditions; to know the workup of selected hematologic and oncologic problems; and to interpret pertinent diagnostic tests. 

Learning Experience:

Students will:

  • Participate in the evaluation and follow-up of hematology and oncology patients in the outpatient setting (there may be some exposure in the inpatient setting), with emphasis upon diagnosis, management and chronic care of these patients.
  • Engage in daily bedside rounds and post-rounding discussions relevant to current problems and theoretical consideration
  • Perform supervised beside procedures, including bone marrows
  • Discuss directed readings on topics in hematology and oncology, specifically admission histories, physical examinations, and follow-up

Students are welcome to attend house staff conferences and noon report

Goals & Objectives:

  • To obtain an overview of clinical hematology and oncology in the in- and outpatient settings
  • To enhance learning through reading lists, conferences, and other pertinent resources
  • Engage in one-on-one interaction with physicians
  • To develop proper techniques for obtaining hematologic or oncologic patient histories

Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback and final evaluation will be done by the attending preceptor.  Students will also evaluate their preceptors and the elective.