Patient Stories

Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center patients share their inspiring stories.

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Denise and Maureen's Story

Neighbors and friends who were diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma just two years apart, Denise and Maureen fought brain cancer together. 

Denise K. Maureen M.

Edward's Story

Nearly a year after discovering kidney cancer had spread to his brain, Edward B. heard the words, “You are disease-free in the brain” following surgery and CyberKnife treatment.

Edward B.

Dr. Gargano's Story

A primary care doctor for 35 years, Joseph G. knew exactly where he wanted to receive care for his brain cancer — the Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center.

Dr. Gargano gets ice cream with his wife.

Erika's Story

After being told repeatedly her neck pain was due to stress, Erika K. discovered she had a malignant tumor in her brainstem.

Erika K.

Isabel's Story

When Isabel C. learned she had a complex brain tumor shortly after giving birth, she set out to find a team with expertise and compassion so she could focus on her life.

Isabel C.

Joseph's Story

Joseph V. had the shock of his life when a CT scan and subsequent MRI showed a large tumor compressing a critical area of the brain called the internal capsule.

Joseph V and Dr. Moshel

Kellieann's Story

A neurosurgeon and an ear, nose and throat surgeon teamed for an innovative procedure - removing a tumor through Kellieann's nose.


Lindsay's Story

When a scan revealed a large mass in her brain, Lindsay was immediately treated by the Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center and had brain surgery the next day.

Lindsay with her family

Mark L.'s Story

With a benign tumor pressing on his cranial nerves and compromising his quality of life, Mark didn't want to watch-and-wait. He came to our team for proactive treatment.

Mark L

Mark B.'s Story

Brain tumor-induced seizures threatened to stop Mark in his tracks, but meticulously planned skull base surgery got him back to work – and white water sports – in just weeks.

Mark B.

Ray's Story

A former Marine, Ray A. turned to the Glasser Brain Tumor Center to help him battle a malignant brain tumor with awake surgery and personalized, targeted drug treatments.

Ray A.

Maureen's Story

Diagnosed with a stage IV glioblastoma, Maureen M. put her faith in a comprehensive treatment plan designed just for her. She continues to live her life to the fullest.

Maureen M.

Sam's Story

For Sam S., a sudden seizure led to a frightening discovery. A tumor and an arteriovenous malformation (AVM)  had developed in his brain.

Sam with his family

Tim's Story

Eight years after his benign brain tumor was removed, Tim M. discovered it returned. We created a digital map of his brain to aid in tumor removal and successful recovery.