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Through preventative screenings, employees learn how to live healthier, reduce their risk for certain diseases and decrease stress.

Atlantic Corporate Health's early detection screenings include:

– These tests measure blood glucose, blood pressure, body composition and cholesterol levels.
Bone density
– A non-invasive ultrasound of the wrist assesses risk for developing osteoporosis. Participants can be male or female and should be over 35; those under 35 can be screened if there is a family history.
– A board-certified podiatrist will examine all aspects of the feet: skin, circulation, flexibility, pain and balance.
– An exercise specialist will assess mobility, strength and health history to design an individualized exercise program.
– A board-certified audiologist will inspect the ear canal and use pure-tone to assess the ability to hear select pitches. These tests can be completed in a quiet room at the employer's location.
– Also known as spirometry, this test measures lung function to assess risk for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing.
Sun damage
– Also known as a facial analyzer, this screening identifies both epidermal and dermal damage to the skin on the face.
– A clinician will test vision for farsight, nearsight and color.

After screenings are completed, an Atlantic Health System clinician provides employees with results and counseling, as well as follow-up instructions, educational material and physician referrals, if necessary. Please contact Atlantic Corporate Health for more information regarding this program, fees and staffing.

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