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Concussion Education For Student Athletes

If a student athlete suffers a concussion, he or she needs to make sure they get the appropriate medical treatment before returning to the playing field.

two kids fight for puck in youth ice hockey game

When can athletes return to play?

A student athlete should not resume any physical activities, including gym, exercise, practices or games, as long as his or her symptoms persist. If they experience any symptoms at all, during rest or physical activity, they are not well enough to return to play. Physical exertion should be increased gradually. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends following a step-by-step exertion protocol. Do not move onto the next level until you are completely free of symptoms at the current level of activity.

Student athletes, learn more about the CDC recommendations >


Medical Arts Center (MAC) II – Overlook Medical Center

Morristown Medical Center

741 Northfield Avenue – West Orange

During an emergency, concussions can be diagnosed and treated at Chilton, Hackettstown, Morristown, Overlook and Newton medical centers’ emergency departments.