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Patient Room Services

During your stay at an Atlantic Health System hospital, we aim to offer all the comforts of home for you and your visitors, including the following: 

Telephone Service

All patient rooms are equipped with a bedside telephone. 

At Morristown and Overlook medical centers, all telephones have access to free local and domestic long distance calls. 

At Newton Medical Center, if you wish to have telephone service activated, please inform your nursing unit representative when you arrive. Your telephone service will begin shortly thereafter and may be discontinued at any time, upon your request. When using your telephone service, for local calls please dial 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number.  For long distance calls, please dial 9 + 0 + area code + telephone number and charge to your home phone, calling card or call collect. 

Library and Periodicals Service

At Morristown Medical Center, volunteers deliver the Daily Record free of charge to patients daily. The Star-Ledger, The New York Times and USA Today are available for purchase in the Mo’Town Café. 

At Newton Medical Center, volunteers deliver the NJ Herald free of charge to patients daily. 

Medical Library

Morristown Medical Center’s Medical Library offers reading materials and the Consumer Library Information Prescription (CLIP), which provides printed materials prepared by a medical librarian based on search requests.

Salon Services

Patients of Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Rehabilitation may request salon services by appointments only, with permission from a physician or nurse. Patients are required to pay at the time of the service. Please see your unit representative for details. 

TTY Machines

Patients can request teletypewriters (TTY machines) from floor nurses for use in their rooms. 


Atlantic Health System’s Patient Relations Departments offers a variety of services on a 24/7 basis to ensure effective communication between patients and caregivers. All hospital departments are outfitted with language interpretation phones for limited English proficiency patients. In addition, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are available via video conference for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Live, on-site ASL interpreters can be requested, if needed, through Patient Relations.


Morristown Medical Center offers TV sets for entertainment and comforts of home. We also offer numerous hospital-provided education programs on a large variety of conditions, surgeries and medical situations through the Patient Video Education Service. Headphones and closed caption viewing are also available. In an effort to encourage all patients to rest, our TVs turn off automatically at 11:00pm. You may turn your TV back on after 11:00pm, but we encourage the use of headphones to help others rest.  

Please be aware of your television’s volume at all times in an effort to
promote a healing culture for all.

At Newton Medical Center, TVs turn off automatically at 11:30pm. The television then resets after 20 minutes to allow you to turn it back on; but we encourage the use of headphones to help others rest. Please be aware of your television’s volume.  

At Overlook Medical Center, television service featuring a wide range of cable networks is provided for a nominal fee. Each room is equipped with one remote-controlled television set per patient bed. Please be considerate of the rights of other patients when watching your television. 

Pain Management and Medications

During your hospitalization, you will frequently be asked about your pain. Our staff wants to ensure that your pain is controlled, and we partner with you to monitor and control your pain. When new medications are introduced, we will review what the medication is for, any possible side effects and note the medication on your patient itinerary.