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Your Hospital Room

At Atlantic Health System, we believe that knowing about your room and what to expect can help improve your stay.

Overlook Medical Center entrance

Become familiar with the nurses and staff in charge of your care as well as the room’s amenities: call bell, TV remote, shades, temperature control. Be sure to keep pen and paper near you for writing down names of medical staff and any questions you may have.


Morristown Medical Center
No matter your location after arrival, you will receive the finest quality of care. Please note that while at Morristown Medical Center, you may request a private room, we offer a limited number, and requesting one does not guarantee you will receive one. We will do our best to fulfill your inquiry about private accommodations. 

Overlook Medical Center
At Overlook Medical Center, a standard hospital room at consists of two beds. A limited number of private rooms are also available. There is an additional charge for a private room, unless medically indicated by your physician. Please note that most insurance companies do not reimburse for private room charges unless medically indicated by your doctor. 

Newton Medical Center
At Newton Medical Center, a standard hospital room consists of two beds. The number of private rooms is limited and priority is given to those whose medical condition requires this type of room.

Patient Identification

When staff members enter your room, they should introduce themselves and indicate why they are there. Before proceeding with medications, transportation, procedures and treatment, the staff member must check your ID bracelet for proper name and birth date. At times, you may be asked the same question repeatedly. We understand this may be an inconvenience; however, for your safety this verification process must occur to guarantee that all of our patients receive the correct medications and treatments.

Call Bells

All inpatients have call bells attached to their beds for contacting nursing staff when a need arises. We work hard to answer every patient’s call bell needs as soon as possible.

Amenity Kit

Upon admission at Morristown Medical Center, an amenity kit is given to you for your personal use and comfort. The kit contains a comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, towelettes, shampoo, body wash and more. If you would like something in addition, please inform your patient liaison or unit staff of your wishes.

Patient Itinerary

You will receive a daily printed patient itinerary, which is a customized plan of care for you indicating your medication and medical plans for that day. Please be sure to read it and write down any questions you may have. It is important to note the information may change from day to day as your plan of care is customized by your health care team.

Private Duty Nursing

For added comfort and convenience, you may elect to supplement our excellent nursing staff with a private duty nurse. Please speak to your social worker or care manager for contact information if you wish to pursue this option.