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Pharmacy Services

The pharmacists at Atlantic Health System not only provide medications used in the hospitals, they are also medication use experts, provide information on the best ways to give medications, minimize the possibility of drug or food interactions, and avoid medication errors.

Inpatient Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Department works with physicians and nurses to ensure that medications used at Atlantic Health System are safe and effective. Pharmacists are integrated into your care teams to provide real time medication information and help you get the most benefit from your medications.

Below are some things you can do as a patient to help your caregivers provide you with the best treatment regarding your medications:

  • Bring a list of the medications (including dosages) that you are currently using at home. These should include medications prescribed by your physician and those purchased over the counter, as well as herbal medications and vitamins/nutraceuticals
  • Inform your caregivers of any medications you cannot take or any allergies you may have, as well as the reactions you experienced
  • Bring the name and telephone number of the pharmacy you use in case there are any questions about your prescriptions
  • Ask questions about any new medications you may receive if you don't understand what they are for or why they are being given to you

Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Atlantic Health System Pharmacy Departments service multiple outpatient areas, including several infusion centers, retail pharmacy services, and health clinics.

Pharmacy at Morristown Medical Center

At Morristown Medical Center and Newton Medical Center we have full service retail pharmacies. They provide prescription medication services to patients and the local community in a convenient location on the first floor of the hospital, inside the Corner Store Gift Shop at Morristown and behind the coffee shop at Newton adjacent to the main entrance.

 A convenient service provided in our retail pharmacies is having your prescriptions you receive at discharge filled and ready for pick-up before you leave to go home. 

That means the discharge process will be a little easier for you and your family or friends since there is no need to stop at your retail pharmacy on the way home. 

If you are interested in this service, please call the Morristown or Newton Medical Centers’ retail pharmacy and they will have someone visit you to explain the process and confirm that you wish to utilize the discharge prescription service.  We accept most insurance plans.

Morristown Medical Center

Newton Medical Center

Research Pharmacy

Research Pharmacy

The Investigational Drug Service (IDS) supports all clinical drug-related research conducted by investigators at Atlantic Health System. The IDS provides the support needed to assure safe and efficient conduct of clinical drug trials including compliance with federal, state, and Joint Commission requirements regarding investigational drugs.