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What to Bring

At Atlantic Health System hospitals, including Chilton Medical Center, Goryeb Children's Hospital, Hackettstown Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, Newton Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center, we believe having the comforts of home during your stay can enhance the patient experience. Most patients have found that having the following items makes their stay more comfortable:

  • Insurance information
  • List of all medications and dosages
  • Pen and paper for notes and questions
  • Pharmacy name and number
  • Family and friends’ contact information
  • All physicians’ contact information
  • Nightclothes, bathrobe and slippers
  • Toothbrush and personal toiletries
  • Battery-operated appliances such as electric shavers and radios

While you are in the hospital, please store eyeglasses, hearing aids or dentures in appropriate containers. If you need a container, please ask the staff on your patient care unit. All containers must be clearly marked with your name and room number. Do not leave personal belongings on food-service trays, in other unlabeled containers, or in hospital gowns and bed linens.

Do not bring valuables – jewelry, credit cards, keys or large sums of money – to the hospital. If you are admitted with valuable items in your possession that cannot be sent home, ask your nurse to have them stored in the hospital safe until you are discharged. Atlantic Health System is not responsible for the replacement of personal belongings.