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Goryeb’s Pediatric Outpatient Services Move

March 15, 2018

In 2017, Goryeb Children’s Hospital relocated its pediatric outpatient services to 55 Madison Avenue. The move, which was meant to improve the patient experience, has done just that and is being met with positive feedback from both children and parents. The specialties and practices that made the move across the street include:

A Better Experience for All

“We’ve improved the experience for everyone at the new location,” says Lisa R. Cuoco, RN, practice manager for Goryeb Specialty Practices/Physician Shared Services. “Patients are particularly impressed by the collaboration of the interdisciplinary team. You could also say it’s a ‘one-stop shop’ for care. For instance, everything from radiology, laboratory and extreme exercising testing to patient exam rooms, education rooms and KID-FIT are all on the same floor, ensuring everything runs smoothly.”

Bright colors, fun chairs, and wall mounted blocks and puzzles are also a welcome sight at the new location. And parents need not stress over parking, which is both free and easily accessible on site.  

These improvements also benefit staff and doctors, who share similar feelings about the accommodations. “The collegial work and patient-centric environment has been enhanced even further by same floor access to lab and radiology - we know patients like the easy access,” says Oren Koslowe, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist for Atlantic Medical Group.

Other enhancements are planned for the future, so stay tuned.

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