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Concussion Testing and Screening

To successfully manage a concussion, it helps to have measurements of the brain’s activity both before and after it has sustained injury. That’s why Atlantic Health System Neuroscience provides both pre-season and post-concussion testing through a computerized diagnostic tool called Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT™).

Center for Concussion Care and Physical Rehabilitation waiting area

Available at our Center for Concussion Care and Physical Rehabilitation, this test assesses an individual’s brain function by measuring several components of brain activity, including memory, reaction time and visual motor skills, attention span and processing speed. Both locations are a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant™.

Pre-Season or Baseline Concussion Tests

This exam provides an individual’s baseline or measurement of "normal" brain function. If an athlete suffers head trauma during the season, his or her post-concussion test is compared to the baseline to evaluate the severity of the injury. All parents of student-athletes should consider having their child take a baseline test before partaking in a sport. Please note that baseline testing for pediatric patients ages 5 through 11 is conducted on an I-pad; patients ages 12 and up complete the test online.

To ensure the accuracy of the baseline measurement, patients should be aware of the following:

Understanding the modules
– The individual should be familiar with the types of exercises the ImPACT™ test will require before taking the exam.
Proper test-taking environment
– While taking a baseline concussion test online, background noise should be eliminated because it can interfere with the ability to think clearly. If a child is taking the test, adult supervision is unnecessary and can be a distraction.
Not an IQ test
– The ImPACT test is not a measure of intelligence. It is important that your child simply performs to the best of his or her ability so the results yield an accurate depiction of his or her cognitive abilities.
Results are recorded
– Completed ImPACT tests are kept on file at our centers for future comparison if a brain injury occurs.

Take the ImPACT baseline test now >
You will need a customer identification code to access the concussion test online. If you don’t already have a code, please contact our program coordinator at 908-598-7972.

Post-Concussion Tests

Patients who have sustained a concussion are administered the ImPACT test. Their results are compared to average test results for a non-concussed person of the same age and sex, or their own baseline test if available, in order to highlight cognitive deficiencies that may have resulted from the brain injury.

Concussion Testing in an Emergency

Concussions can also be diagnosed at the emergency departments of Chilton Medical Center, Hackettstown Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, Newton Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center.


Medical Arts Center (MAC) II – Overlook Medical Center

Morristown Medical Center

741 Northfield Avenue – West Orange

During an emergency, concussions can be diagnosed and treated at Chilton, Hackettstown, Morristown, Overlook and Newton medical centers’ emergency departments.

Video: Concussions

We discuss baseline testing for sports-related concussions.