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Concussion Treatment Options

The cause of a concussion and the location, severity and extent of neurological damage will largely determine the course of treatment. In any case, whether it’s a sports-related or other mild traumatic brain injury, Atlantic Neuroscience Institute specializes in restoring patients’ functionality to the highest level possible.

Outpatient services available at our Center for Concussion Care and Physical Rehabilitation include:

  • Treatment, evaluation and follow-up, incorporating additional computerized cognitive testing as needed; referrals may be made for more extensive neuropsychological testing or radiologic studies
  • Preseason testing for athletes utilizing computerized cognitive testing to provide an individual baseline measurement for use in determining treatment progress if the athlete is subsequently injured later in the season

Rehabilitation and Recovery Time for Concussions

The best way to manage a concussion is to rest by limiting both mental and physical exertion. Some patients may also benefit from post-concussion rehabilitation programs.

Although recovery time varies from person-to-person, ranging from several minutes to days, weeks, months or even longer, research suggests that children and adolescents need more time to recoup from concussions than college students or professional athletes. If properly diagnosed and treated, however, most individuals will make a complete recovery.

In an Emergency

During an emergency, concussions can be treated at Morristown, Overlook and Newton medical centers’ emergency departments. When appropriate, outpatient services may be recommended.


Medical Arts Center (MAC) II – Overlook Medical Center

Morristown Medical Center

741 Northfield Avenue – West Orange

Video: Concussions

We discuss baseline testing for sports-related concussions.