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Pediatric Unit Staff

The Pediatric Units at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, Hersh Children's Center and the Children's Center at Chilton Medical Center are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to your child and your family. Our staff includes:

Care manager –
works with parents and the medical team to develop discharge plans and assists families with insurance issues
Child life specialists –
help reduce the stress and anxiety that many children/adolescents and their families experience in the health care setting
Nurse manager –
directs nursing care on the unit
Pediatric attending physician –
a doctor who is on staff at our hospital who admits pediatric patients and manages their care throughout their stay by assessing their progress on a regular basis and consulting with parents and hospital staff
Pediatric hospitalist –
a pediatrician with expertise in management and coordination of the complex care of hospitalized infants, children and adolescents; they maintain active lines of communication with each child’s family, primary care physician and pediatric subspecialists, during and after hospitalization. Your pediatric attending physician may be a pediatric hospitalist.
Pediatric nurse –
cares for your child at all times during his or her hospital stay
Pediatric sub-specialist –
may assist your attending physician to diagnose and treat a specific illness or injury
Resident physician –
a physician in training assigned to your child’s care for the duration of the hospital stay who works in close coordination with, and under the supervision of, the attending physician
Social worker –
helps children and families deal with non-medical problems related to illness, injury and hospitalization, including social and financial needs and help obtaining any necessary post-hospital care
Unit secretary or technician –
assists the nurse in the care of your child


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