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Pediatric Units

Every specialist in the Pediatric Unit at Goryeb Children’s Hospital and Goryeb Children's Center provides superior care in a warm, compassionate and patient- and family-centered environment. We know that the hospitalization of a child is one of the most difficult things a family ever experiences, and we are dedicated to supporting you during this stressful time.

Your child may have a roommate, unless your physician specifies otherwise for medical reasons. When we assign a roommate, we take your child’s age, sex and diagnosis into consideration. Children who need to be isolated because of their illnesses have first priority for a single room.

We also provide cribs for infants and toddlers. Even if your toddler is accustomed to a large bed at home, we may put your child in a crib for safety.

The bathroom in the patient room is for the patient's use only. We provide a lavatory, shower, washer and dryer for parents -- please ask a staff member for assistance. A visitor’s lounge with vending machines is located at the end of the hallway, and a TV and VCR/DVD player are available in every room. Age-appropriate toys, video game systems and DVD/videos are available in the unit playroom.


Additional Contacts: Morristown Medical Center

Additional Contacts: Overlook Medical Center