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Adult Day Services

Adult day services are centers or day programs that emphasize social and recreational activities for older adults in a group setting. Most adult day services are socially focused and are appropriate for individuals who may need some supervision for safety and activities of daily living. Many offer specialized programming for those with cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Along with activities, a midday meal is usually provided. Some centers also offer personal care services, such as assistance with taking medications, bathing, etc. Most are open Monday through Friday, although some locations offer weekend hours. While most services are privately paid, there are some grants and social service programs available to help those with limited financial resources.

Adult Day Services can help enable individuals have the support they need during the day, while allowing the individual to return to continue living in the comfort of home. These programs also benefit family caregivers by providing a break, enabling them to work during the day or manage other responsibilities.

Atlantic Adult Day Center

Atlantic Visiting Nurse's adult day program offers a warm and supervised environment for older adults to enjoy a meaningful day filled with activity and socialization.


Atlantic Adult Day Center

Geriatric Assessment Center

David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging