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Get to know the specialists at Atlantic Health System’s maternity centers and their role in labor and delivery:

Obstetrician or Certified Nurse Midwife

Weeks before your due date, you should talk to your obstetrician about whether you would like to use pain relief techniques or medications during childbirth.

Your obstetrician or midwife will monitor you and your baby throughout labor and delivery, and for six weeks after delivery. We also have a board-certified obstetrician on site round the clock to help you in the hospital.

Anesthesiology Specialist

When you are ready to deliver your baby in the hospital, the anesthesiology specialist administers and monitors pain relief you may need during childbirth. Epidural anesthesia is commonly used to block the pain from contractions.

An anesthesiology specialist is available on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Like your obstetrician, he or she is not employed by the hospital and will send you a separate bill. Please check with the Anesthesia Department about insurance coverage issues.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

A perinatology specialist is an obstetrician who has additional advanced training in high-risk pregnancies. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide comprehensive care and consultation for women with high-risk pregnancies. They also can provide genetic counseling, ultrasounds and prenatal diagnosis.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

A certified nurse midwife provides full maternity services, including prenatal, birth and postpartum care, to low-risk patients. Your CNM will monitor you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. The CNM works with an obstetrician who is available if needed during your pregnancy or hospital stay.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Your labor and delivery nurse will support and encourage you throughout the birthing process. Our nurses are highly trained, with more than 50 percent achieving national certification in their specialty. They also hold certification in neonatal resuscitation and basic life support to provide high-risk and emergency care for both you and your baby.

Mother Baby Nurse

Atlantic Health System medical centers use a family-centered approach to childbirth. You will be assigned a mother baby nurse who will care for both you and your baby and communicate with the rest of the team for specific needs.


Your baby will be evaluated at birth and seen usually once a day by a pediatrician while you are in the hospital. The pediatrician or nurse practitioner will stop by your room and explain your baby's progress. Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this time.

Neonatology Specialist

A neonatology specialist is a pediatrician with advanced training in treating premature or sick infants. If your obstetrician feels it is necessary, a neonatology specialist may be present at your baby's delivery. He or she works mainly in our Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

The perinatal clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse responsible for in-service education, new staff orientation, updating protocols, implementing changes in practice, and translating research into practice. The nurse specialist may also work with high-risk patients or new parents with special needs.


Doulas are non-medical professionals who have specialized training in providing physical and emotional support to women in labor. If needed, a postpartum doula can assist the mother during her hospital stay, providing breastfeeding support and guidance on caring for her newborn.  Learn more about our hospital doula service >

Social Worker or Care Manager

The social worker can assist you and your family with pregnancy-related problems, financial resources, WIC referrals and New Jersey FamilyCare, plus home care services, equipment and insurance coverage for special needs.

Patient Liaison or Concierge

Our patient liaison/concierge coordinates services such as massages, guest meals or special requests. Maternity tours are also arranged through the patient liaison/concierge.

Lactation Consultant

While the Maternity Center nurses can get you started breastfeeding and help throughout your hospital stay, a lactation consultant is available for any difficulties you may encounter.

Nutrition Services

Pregnancy is a time in your life when you become more aware of nutrition and the important role it plays in helping your baby grow. Being pregnant often motivates women to improve their diet and lifestyle so that they can be as healthy as possible. Our dietitian offers individual counseling sessions to answer questions, offer suggestions and help you manage pregnancy-related dietary issues.

Pediatric Hospitalist Newborn Service

Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center:

Our highly regarded maternity services attract patients from the entire tri-state area. For some families, this means having their baby far away from their own pediatrician. The pediatric hospitalist newborn service, led by an experienced general pediatrician and newborn specialist, provides pediatric care for newborns in the first days of life and support for their parents. These well respected board certified pediatricians also teach and supervise the pediatric and family practice residents in the care of newborns and work on all quality of care and safety initiatives for the nursery. 

Our pediatricians will meet with you each morning after seeing your new baby. They are happy to answer any of your questions and provide guidance on all aspects of caring for your newborn. They work closely with our nursing staff and with our lactation consultants to ensure that your baby’s needs are taken care of. In the event of a problem, these pediatricians will coordinate the care or involvement of any specialists or refer the newborn for care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Upon discharge, the pediatric hospitalists will communicate information about your baby’s care to your family’s primary care physician and ensure a smooth transition into the pediatric or family practice that you have chosen to continue your newborn’s care.  

Other members of the patient care team you may see:

  • Religious ministries staff
  • Birth certificate clerk

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