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Atlantic Health System Leadership

Atlantic Health System’s leadership works to ensure that all of our initiatives help further our vision and mission, and that we provide the highest quality health care and best possible patient experience.

Clinical Leadership

Integrated Care Delivery

Alan Lieber, president, Overlook Medical Center


Alan Lieber

Vice President, Atlantic Health System and President, Overlook Medical Center


Trish O'Keefe, PhD, RN

Vice President, Atlantic Health System and President, Morristown Medical Center


Stephanie Schwartz, MA, FACHE

Vice President, Atlantic Health System and President, Chilton Medical Center

Robert Adams, interim president and COO, Hackettstown, Newton


Robert Adams

Vice President, Atlantic Health System and President, Hackettstown and Newton Medical Centers

Paul Mamora


Paul Marmora, CPA, MBA

Vice President, Ambulatory Care

Carol Vargas


Carol Vargas

Vice President, Integrated Care

Quality, Patient Safety, Education and Research


Jan Schwarz-Miller, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical and Academic Officer

Lewis Rubinson, MD
Lewis Rubinson, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Morristown Medical Center


John R. Audett, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Overlook Medical Center

Jerome Levine


Jerome Levine, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Chilton Medical Center


Paul J. Owens, MD, MMM, FACC, FACP

Chief Medical Officer, Hackettstown and Newton Medical Centers

Carol Vargas


Donna Lawson

Vice President, Quality and Patient Safety

Nursing and Patient Experience

Carol Jones, CNO, Morristown


Carol Jones, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Chief Nursing Officer, Morristown Medical Center

Maureen Schneider, CNO, Chilton


Maureen Schneider, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE

Chief Nurse and Operations Officer, Chilton Medical Center

Mary Pat Sullivan, CNO, Overlook


Mary Pat Sullivan, MSN, RN, CNS

Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Overlook Medical Center


Donna Watridge, RN, MBA, CCRN-K

Chief Nursing Officer, Hackettstown Medical Center and Newton Medical Center

Administrative Leadership

Administration, Finance & Insurance

Katharine Driebe


Katharine Driebe

Vice President, Finance

Lisa Monfredi


Lisa Monfredi

Vice President, Revenue Cycle

Sheilah O'Halloran


Sheilah O'Halloran, Esq.

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs

Kevin Joyce


Kevin Joyce

Vice President, Insurance Networks, Business Advisory Services


Eva Goldenberg, Esq., CHC, CHPC

Vice President, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit, Chief Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, Research Integrity Officer


Robert Peake

Vice President, Facilities Management and Real Estate