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Amputee Walking School

An Amputee Walking School graduate plays soccer with his children.

The Amputee Walking School is an advanced gait training and running program for patients of all ages and levels of lower limb amputation, including both above and below-the-knee amputations. Services are provided by Atlantic Rehabilitation in partnership with Next Step Orthopaedics Inc. and features instruction from former paralympic athletes, Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler.

Those beginning the Amputee Walking School will learn basic exercises and stretches designed to improve their walking gait. Training is customized to individual needs, and as they progress, patients will learn more advanced techniques until they can walk, run, move side-to-side, bend down, jump and climb stairs with increased strength and flexibility and less fatigue.

Family members and loved ones of amputees are also welcome to attend our program for educational purposes.

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