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Golf Fitness Program

The modern golf swing is the most unnatural and complex of all swinging movements. It places stresses on the human body through both execution and repetition, causing acute and chronic injuries, such as back pain, “golfer’s elbow,” shoulder pain, knee pain, tendonitis of the wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome.

To help get golfers back in the game, Atlantic Rehabilitation offers the Swing Away golf fitness program – an integrated, hands-on approach designed to improve conditioning, core strength and swing biomechanics while preventing further injury.

Our services include:

Evaluation – assesses previous sports injuries and measures strength, flexibility, balance and posture

Swing analysis – videotaped swing sessions identify areas of weakness or poor mechanics

Pain management – helps control acute conditions

Hands-on techniques – loosens tight muscles and other tissues to allow for a more normal range of motion

Exercises – includes warm-up, conditioning and cool-down drills, as well as home exercises to reinforce fitness levels

Our physical therapists have been trained at the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and are TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors. They have also received extensive training through the Back-to-Golf Performance and Rehabilitation Program.

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