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Post-Rehab Exercise Programs

Atlantic Rehabilitation’s post-rehabilitation exercise and maintenance programs are ideal for post-stroke patients and those with neurological disorders who may not feel comfortable in a common health club setting. Patients with pulmonary conditions and orthopedic injuries may also benefit from training in our non-threatening atmosphere supervised by a team of exercise physiologists.

Our group programs help patients build endurance and strength while improving their productivity, quality of life and social skills. We offer a wide variety of exercise options both on land and in water.

Land-Based Exercises and Equipment

Our land-based exercises are conducted in our climate-controlled gym on the second floor. We offer:

Aerobic machines and exercises:
  • Treadmill
  • Cross-trainer
  • Schwinn and sports art bicycles, including SCIFIT
  • Nu-step TRS 400
  • Kinetron stepper
  • Upper body ergometer (UBE)Recline bike
  • Stairmaster
  • Elliptical
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®
Strength machines and exercises:
  • Cybex cable column
  • Cybex shoulder press
  • Cybex lat pull down
  • Cybex seated leg process
  • Magnum seated leg curl/knee extension
  • Various free weights
  • Power vertex
  • Body weight training
  • Plyometric training
  • Leg extension or flexion
  • Shuttle
  • Smith machine
  • Jacobs Ladder
Balance and flexibility equipment and exercises:
  • Parallel bars
  • Step-up boxes
  • BOSU balance trainer
  • Stretch out cables
  • Shoulder pulleys
  • Swiss balls
  • High-low beds
  • Water-Based Exercises and Equipment

Our water-based programs are conducted in a 16,000 square-foot pool maintained at 94 degrees. We offer:

  • Disabled access using our hydraulic chair lift
  • Parallel bars
  • Step-up blocks
  • Dumb-bells
  • Kick floats
  • Weighted belts
  • Ankle and wrist weights
  • Resistance gloves
  • Ankle fins
  • Flotation devices
  • Sit-to-stand chairs

Post-rehabilitation land-based services are provided at a variety of Atlantic Rehabilitation locations, including New Providence Campus and Atlantic Rehabilitation – Morristown. Water-based exercises are available at Atlantic Rehabilitation – Morristown. Please call 1-855-862-2778 to schedule an appointment or to verify availability of services.

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